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.: welcome

If you're a true gamer like me, you have used emulation. If you're an avid gamer and you like the original classic no substitute feel, you have used and bought USB to original game pad adapters. If this is you, you also may have gone broke buying 10 different adapters to get truly immersed in your game. For me, I had to have 4 of each. There is nothing more exhilarating then playing an emulated game on a big screen television with the authentic and original gamepad from the 90/80/70'ds. Heck maybe you still have them. If so, this is for you



.: history

Bliss-box was the first ever all in one, trouble free, and ready to go usb adapter. The main goal was to adapt as many controllers as possible in one box giving you the ultimate gaming experiences for any emulator (i.e. Nintendo 64, nes, snes, Sega, Play Station, Saturn, Atari, and so many more). The idea was not to have any technical knowledge or having to fool  wiring to use the box. You just plug in the controller; plug in the usb adapter and play. Version 1.0 was intended to support controllers only. This excludes things like guns, paddles, dance pads, multi taps, and robots.. Version 2.0 aimed to support everything the controller had to offer in one fashion or another. Version 2 also was to be expandable. Although 2.0 is still beta its core code is solid. All that remains are the unfinished features. The 4-play will be a branch point for 2.0 when production starts. 4-play is targeted for consumers as it does not require anything but plugging it in.


.: What is Bliss-Box

Bliss-Box is simply a USB adapter for console controllers. The main product currently is the 4-play but there are many custom options. Say a n64 usb adapter with a gc port or a Nintendo usb adapter having all Nintendo consoles on one adapter. Maybe just that one single adapter you always wanted but could not find. Bliss-Box supports more console controllers than any other product out there. The Bliss-Box challenge says there is not one that cannot be adapted. So far the only controller that escapes this rule is the Vectorex. In this case you need a patch cable. The new 4-Play adapter will come with its own patch cables.


A list of singles: ( this is for internet tagging)
nes usb adapter
nintendo 64 usb adapter
snes usb adapter
sega usb adapter ( any button )
vectrex usb adapter
3do usb adapter
coleco usb adapter
intellivision usb adapter
saturn usb adapter
game cube ( cg ) usb adapter
pc-fx usb adapter
tg16 usb adapter ( either type )
dream cast usb adapter
psx ( play station ) usb adapter
xbox ( just a pass through ) usb adapter
jaguar usb adapter
neo geo usb adapter
atari ( so far any of them even the 5200 ) usb adapter
wii accessory usb adapter


.: special thanx to

Tommy Smith - lead beta tester
Raphael Assenat - very knowledgeable person ( could not have done it with out his help )
Omar - the Dream Cast master ! Site in ESP
David Prentice - Another very helpful individual
Genome - first big custom order
Bruno Fascendini - helped with saturn questions
Reality man and epsilon (ultraHLE) - inspiration
Skid from the dolphin dev team - Skid was instrumental in adding support for the GC racing wheel.

Shout outs to:
Jesse Vaitkus
, Mikhail Stepanov ( modirators )
Adam Evans ( site promotor )
Nicolas Gaudreau
( helped testing the very first stage )

Beta Team:
Scott Vieth
Jochen Wieke
Adam Evans (most experience with Bliss-Box device and the project)
SpaceOne Emulation (Head of the API development feature. )
Billy Roadifer

Sites and forums that made this posible
Ralphs projects
Emulator-zone forum

This project makes use of the GPL see technical section for more details.



Bliss-Box, the only way to play....